I  am the son and grandson of miners who worked the North Wales Coalfield in the UK. For many years I worked as a lawyer  on planning applications for and against mining companies and this interest led me to study and to follow mining companies, in particular gold, silver, copper and uranium companies and to buy shares in such companies. I love to share this interest and to help others.

I learned all about internet marketing with the help of some honest and honourable people- John Thornhill and his team. I followed John’s programme  Partnership to Success.Having been the victim of fraud and suffered financial and mental issues in consequence  I  tried internet marketing earlier but came across a marketer who never paid me commissions earned by me.Fortunately I have come across other people of integrity , including Graham Framme, the founder of We Share Abundance.It lifts the spirit! I recommend this programme because it aims to help people and has helped many people already.

If you read one of my first posts,  ” What Dr Peale has taught me about Marketing” you will see the importance of Positive Thinking and this has been the way I  overcame the problems I have mentioned above and elsewhere on this blog.

Partnership to Success is a coaching programme which teaches  by taking one point at a time and teaching in small bite -size video lessons supplemented by live training.John is unlike others whose approach is based on making as much money as possible for themselves. John’s approach is best summed up by referring to The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann, a parable which John advises students to read-  this is a business parable which explains  the importance of  putting the other person first at all times.If we  offer value to people this will lead to  business success and personal fulfilment.