The 1963 work, 7 Steps to Heaven, is one of the great Jazz Standards  by Miles Davies.

 This title sprang to mind as I considered the  7 reasons to promote John Thornhill’s

  coaching programme.

John’s  coaching programme is part of his

Partnership to Success programme

which I joined 4 weeks ago.

His evergreen webinar is making waves and

there are 7 reasons why you should promote it.


1. John’s Webinar Covers A Hot ‘Never Seen Before’ Business Model.

I haven’t seen anyone teaching what John teaches while providing the ultimate shortcut  in

the product creation niche,and because of this, the content is fresh and it is getting extremely well received.

2. Get Paid up to $1929 in Commissions On All Sales Via ClickBank.

Because  John uses ClickBank he does not hold any of your commissions

and you will be paid instantly on any sales made directly into your ClickBank account.

I am sure you can appreciate how important this is.

There are some internet marketers who fail to pay affiliates commissions earned by them.

But John and his team are honest and have integrity.

John works on the basis that  helping others is the only way to go. 

3. John Has Over 15 Years of Experience in This Area.

This is not some quick training program that John has created,

This is a step by step system that gets real results.

4. Insanely Low Refund Rate.

John’s customers love this product and so far the refund rate is under 1% from over 500 sales.

ClickBank have also approved John  for zero refunds. This means you will keep over 99% of the sales you make.

In fact you will probably keep 100% of the sales you make.

5. Protected Commissions.

John uses ClickBank’s Lifetime Commission feature, this basically means a customer is tagged for life.

And you get paid on any upgrades the customer makes.

6. Amazing Conversions.

John has an amazing presentation and follow up sequence that converts like crazy

and you can expect to generate on average $57 per attendee.

7. Hard Coded Leads Added to 90 Day Email Sequence.

John has  also added a 90 day follow up sequence to the evergreen webinar that promotes

some of the top offers on ClickBank and every single email contains

your hard coded affiliate link, so not only will you make commissions from his webinar, but

you will also make sales from other top offers too,

so you can expect to get paid for multiple sales for the next 90 days.

My decision to join John’s coaching programme 4 weeks ago was the best decision I could have  made .


    2 replies to "NOT ONLY JAZZ FANS LOVE ” 7 STEPS TO HEAVEN “!"

    • Graham McClean

      Hi Eric,

      I’m a new student of John’s too joined 8 days ago.
      What an amazing course, I would highly recommend it
      to any of your readers. Looking forward to building our
      businesses together.

      Chat Soon!

      • ERIC OWEN

        Thanks Graham.
        I agree.
        And they are honest people.

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