In one of his many useful articles posted on linkedin, Tom “ Big Al” Schreiter explains that the key approach to engaging people is to pose a question, so that is what I am doing in this article. My question is: What is your Why? Self- evidently when you start your marketing business it is vital that you have a plan. As the old saying goes, “If you don’t plan to succeed you are planning to fail”.

For my part, the starting point of any plan is to decide what it is that you want to get out of what you are planning to do. If that is not clear to you at the outset it is inevitable that you will take detours, and that could well result in you going around and around in circles, searching for the next shiny object.

Many network marketing programmes offer eye-catching “rewards” like an expensive motor car if you achieve a certain leadership role. No doubt many leaders succeed and get their car. Good luck to them. The problem with many such schemes, however, is that it is only the leaders who succeed in achieving the best rewards.  Many companies have many rank levels, and so often most members have a very low-level rank, earning little money. Many others who join the programme end up leaving after a month or so. In the industry this is called attrition. Often, there is an element of auto-ship. In other words when you join you have an obligation to buy a product every month.  You can find more than one tale on the internet of a person with no income from the programme joined and a garage full of unwanted product!

In these circumstances, should we not ask another question- Does it have to be like this? The answer is “No, it does not ”, and Vitae’s platform explains that the network marketing element in its programme “rewards users for growing the platform. We improved the system and made it fair. We call it Multilevel Marketing 2.0.”

So, another question arises – What do we know about Vitae?

First, it is important to note that Vitae is owned by Vitae AG, a public company quoted on the stock exchange in Switzerland. Self- evidently this is a stable jurisdiction with a respected legal system. So we can have confidence that the company must fully comply with all rules and regulations. Vitae AG is not a company resident in an off-shore tax haven. Second, Vitae has combined two markets into one company- social media and network marketing. Significantly, the word Vitae comes from the Latin word for “Life”, and the Vitae platform is one used by the people for the people. In this respect it is different from other social media companies, whose profits and policies have attracted much criticism. As I explained in an earlier article published on linkedIN at , unlike Facebook, Vitae will not be selling OUR data.To my mind this is a BIG plus!

Social media platforms exist because of their users. We make the content. We click on advertisements. We spread the word. Yet we are not rewarded for our efforts! By contrast, Vitae shares the wealth. Our activity gets rewarded when we are spending time on Vitae. As a result, we do not have to change our habits. It is the social media platforms that will need to change their policies. Vitae puts this philosophy into practice. I am not saying that Vitae can challenge Facebook- but who knows?

Besides giving everybody the chance for financial freedom by being active on its platform, Vitae has the intention to motivate its users to share a part of our income. The Vitae charity fund will be used to make a better world by helping the less fortunate and by supporting environmental projects.

What excites me is that when the Vitae programme becomes public, membership will be free and each user will get one free unit. Each member will be able to use this free unit to make money. This has enormous potential to help people in poorer parts of the world and to grow global prosperity. It is expected that 1 million people will sign up as soon as Vitae goes public. 24 months after launch it is anticipated that membership of the Vitae platform will be 500-600 million ! Of course, FaceBook has an even bigger membership but this will only be the beginning for Vitae.

Presentations are available in a number of languages. If you are attracted to the idea of growing global prosperity and helping people in poorer countries at this difficult time, please comment, like or ask me for further details. You can only join by invitation. Now is the time to grow global prosperity.


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